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RE: Tyrannosauridae (long msg)

Here's the information I have, pulled from various sources as indicated, on
the Tyrannosauridae:

>From _The Dinosauria_

 Tyrannosauridae Osborn 1905
    Albertosaurus Osborn 1905
       (=Gorgosaurus Lambe 1914, ?Deinodon Leidy 1856)
       A.libratus Lambe 1914
       A.sarcophagus Osborn 1905 (includes A.arctunguis Parks 1928)
   Alectrosaurus Gilmore 1933
      A.olseni Gilmore 1933
   Alioramus Kurzanov 1976
      A.remotus Kurzanov 1976
   Chingkankousaurus Young 1958
      C.fragilis Young 1958
   Daspletosaurus Russell 1970
      D. torosus Russell 1970
   Nanotyrannus Bakker, Currie, et Williams 1988
      N. lancensis
   Tarbosaurus Maleev 1955
      T. bataar Maleev 1955
   Tyrannosaurus Osborn 1905
      (=Dynamosaurus Osborn 1905, ?Manospondylus Cope 1892)
      T.rex Osborn 1905
      T.luanchuanensis Dong 1979
   "unnamed tyrannosaurid" (="Ornithomimus" grandis Marsh 1890)
   "unnamed tyrannosaurid" (="Gorgosaurus" novojilovi Maleev 1955)

>From _Predatory Dinosaurs of the World_ , Greg Paul, 1988

   Tyrannosauridae Osborn 1906
      subfamily Aublysodontinae Nopsca 1928
         Aublysodon Leidy 1868 (=Shanshanosaurus)
            A.mirandis (Leidy 1868)
            A.huoyanshanensis (Dong 1977)
               (=Shanshanosaurus huoyanshanensis)
            A.molnaris Paul 1988
      subfamily Tyrannosaurinae (Osborn 1906)
         Indosuchus Huene 1933
            I.raptorius Huene 1933
         Alioramus Kurzanov 1976
            A.remotus Kurzanov 1976
         Albertosaurus Osborn 1905
            A? (Alectrosaurus?).olseni (Gilmore 1933)
               (=Alectrosaurus olseni)
            A. libratus (Lambe 1914)
               (=Gorgosaurus libratus, Albertosaurus sternbergi)
            A.arctunguis Parks 1928
            A.sarcophagus Osborn 1905
               (=Laelaps incrassatus, Dryptosaurus incrassatus)
            A.megagracilis Paul 1988
            A? ("Nanotyrannus").lancensis (Gilmore 1946)
         Tyrannosaurus Osborn 1905
            Tyrannosaurus (Daspletosaurus) (Russell 1970)
               T(D) torosus (Russell 1970)
            Tyrannosaurus (Tyrannosaurus) (Osborn 1906)
               T (T). bataar Maleev 1955
                  (=Tarbosaurus bataar, Tarbosaurus efremovi, Gorgosaurus
                     Gorgosaurus novojilovi)
               T(T).rex Osborn 1906
                  (=Dynamosaurus imperiosus)

>From "The Complete T. Rex_, Jack Horner & Don Lessem, 1993

           Albertosaurus megagracilis, Paul 1988
           Albertosaurus sarcophagus, Osborn 1905
           Daspletosaurus torosus, Russell 1970
           Daspletosaurus "stretch-snout" TBD Bakker
           Gorgosaurus libratus Lambe 1914
           Gorgosaurus sternbergi Matthew et Brown 1923
           Nanotyrannus lancensis Bakker, Currie, et Williams 1988
           Tarbosaurus bataar Maleev 1955
           Tyrannosaurus rex Osborn 1905
        plus, some likely tyrannosaurids:
           Alectrosaurus olseni Gilmore 1933
           Alioramus remotus Kurzanov 1976
           Chingkankousaurus fragilis Young 1958
        plus, possible tyrannosaurids, someday:
           new species of tyrannosaurid (maybe a Daspletosaurus?) from the
               Horseshoe Canyon Formation of Alberta, by Bakker, Williams, et
           new species of tyrannosaurid TBD from the specimen on display at
               Field Museum in Chicago, currently labelled Albertosaurus
           new species of tyrannosaurid, imtermediate between Daspletosaurus
               Tyrannosaurus, by Varricchio, from a complete skull with
articluated leg
               found at a Museum of the Rockies' site in w.Montana

>From _Revision of the Parainfraclass Archosauria_, George Olshevsky 1991

   Tyrannosauridae Osborn 1906
      Albertosaurus Osborn 1905
         A.sarcophagus Osborn 1905
         A.megagracilis Paul 1988
      Alioramus Kurzanov 1976
         A.remotus Kurzanov
      Chingkankousaurus Young 1958 (=Tarbosaurus?)
         C.fragilis Young 1958
      Daspletosaurus D.A.Russell 1970
         D.torosus D.A.Russell 1970
         D."new species" to be described by Bakker = the _stretch snout_
              saurus from the Horseshoe Canyon formation of Alberta
      Deinodon Leidy 1856 (nomen dubium)
         D.horridus Leidy 1856
       ?D.grandis (Marsh 1890) Osborn 1916 (nomen dubium)
     "Futabasaurus" Lambert 1990
     Gorgosaurus Lambe 1914 (=Albertosaurus?)
        G.libratus Lambe 1914
        G.sternbergi Matthew et Brown 1923 (maybe a juvenile G.libratus?)
     Maleevosaurus Carpenter 1992
        M.novojilovi (Maleev 1955) Carpenter 1992
     Nanotyrannus Bakker, Currie, et Williams 1988
        N.lancensis (Gilmore 1946) Bakker, Currie et Williams 1988
     Tarbosaurus Maleev 1955
        T.bataar Maleev 1955
      ?T.turpanensis (Zhai, Zheng, et Tong 1978) Olshevsky 1991 (nomen nudum)
      ?T.luanchanensis (Dong 1979) Olshevsky 1991
      ?T.lanpingensis (Zhao 1986) Olshevsky 1991 (nomen nudum)
     Tyrannosaurus Osborn 1905
        T.rex Osborn 1905
     "genus TBD" to be described by Bakker et Currie, based on skeleton
          exhibited as Gorgosaurus libratus
     "genus TBD" from the Horseshoe Canyon of Alberta; may be a new species
     "genus TBD" from the Two Medicine Formation of Montana, morphologically
          intermediate between Daspletosaurus and Tyrannosaurus, by Horner,
          Varricchio et Goodwin, 1992
     "genus TBD" from the Fruitland Formation of New Mexico, Hunt et Lucas,

Hope this meets at least some of your needs; there's obviously LOTS of
details I've omitted here...if you need specifics from any of the works
referenced above, let me know.    If anyone has any comments, corrections or
updates to these lists, please let me know, as I'd like to keep my
information as current as possible, also.  

Lyle Blosser, dinophile (and especially "tyrannosaurphile")