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re: Nan>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>[A>

Butting-in on Thom Holtz' response on Nanotyrannus:

  I had a long dinner conversation with Mike Williams, who co-described the
taxon, specifically on whether it maigh be a juvenile T. rex.  Mike was pretty
convincing that it was not a juvenile: based on relative bone sizes in the
skull and some details that I don't recall.   You might ask him for more
input if truly interested: he's at the Cleveland Museum (I dont't have
an E-mail address).

 ("maigh" above is typo for "may" and "might" simultaneously :-).>[D>[D>[;>[C>[C
david schwimmer