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Re: Centrosaurus/Eucentrosaurus

 From: Tom Holtz <tholtz@geochange.er.usgs.gov>
 > Basically, the lizard name Centrosaurus has only been used as a junior
 > synonym, has never been given a type specimen, and has been applied to two
 > different lizard genera!  It was never proposed as a senior taxon, and only
 > exists in taxonomic lists.  There should be no problem sinking this name.

I'll say.  The *current* rules say that a name proposed in
synonymy is *not* validly published.  Of course, there is the
issue that the current rules were not in effect at the time,
and so it may well have been properly published then. Still the
Commission is hardly going to sink a well-established genus
like the dinosaur Centrosaurus for such a weakly established name.

So, there seems no reason not to continue using the name Centrosaurus
pending a more final resolution.

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