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Re: predators for large animals?

>Future palaeontologists will have a devil of a job sorting out what
>happened here, especially as, overnight, examples of select groups of
>mammals (us, our domestic animals and retinue of rodent pests) suddenly
>appear on every continent (imagine the hypothetical land bridges they
>will construct!).

Not all of them would be hypothetical landbridges - specifically, the
Bering Land Bridge and the Isthmus of Panama...

Incidentally, we are going to leave one hell of a record, since we 1) bury
our dead; 2) erect massive monuments which also get preserved; 3) exist in
numbers which rival or excel those of any other large vertebrate; and 4)
record our presence in space and on other worlds (esp. the moon) where our
artifacts might outlast life on Earth.  Any future paleo/archeologist is
going to have a pretty damn good idea that we were tool users... ;-)

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