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Re: ceratopsians

Dear John,

=Has anyone worked out the systematics for ceratopsians?

=Some relationships to consider:
=Styracosaurus/Centrosaurus (or is it Eucentrosaurus)

=How does the new pachyrhinosaurs fit in?

Peter Dodson at the University of PA has just completed a major book on the 
ceratopsians. I'm sure he would have some thoughts on this for you! He is at 
the school of veterinary medicine. 

Darrin Tanke, at the Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, has been doing major work 
on a Pachyrhinosaurus bonebed in Dinosaur Provincial Park. He's helping us 
with an article right now about this beastie. You might want to contact him.

--Thom Holmes, Editor, Dinosaur Society