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Classification of dinosaurs

I've noticed in occasional messages that there are apparently some new
groupings of dinosaurs; at least, I've not seen them before.  Granted, I
don't have access to the latest journals, but I do have copies of "The Dinosau
ria", "Dinosaur Systematics", and other texts both scholarly and popular.
 Terms like "Allosauroidea", "Megalosauroidea", and the like, while readily
understandable, are still a surprise when encountered.  Does anyone have the
latest classification in a form that could be posted?  Or as a file that
could be e-mailed?  I realize these things are always in a state of flux, but
I'm curious to see what some of the latest thinking is regarding dinosaur
phylogeny (if that's the right term).

Thanks in advance,
Lyle Blosser, dinophile

PS.  Oh, and thanks to those of you who sent me Thomas Holtz's posting; I do
appreciate it!

PPS to Mickey Rowe: Sorry for the breach in list protocol; I'll try to
remember the correct procedures for any future requests.