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S.A. T.rex tracks

The publication you want is this:

Lockley, M. G. and Hunt, A. P. 1994. A track of the giant theropod dinosaur 
Tyrannosaurus from close to the Cretaceous/Tertiary Boundary, northern New 
Mexico. Ichnos 3:213-218.

The track was discovered by Charles Pillmore in the Raton Formation near 
Cimmaron, New Mexico.  It occurs about 20 m below the K/T Boundary.  The 
track is a tetradactyl cast of a right pes footprint and was named 
Tyrannosauripus pillmorei by Lockley and Hunt.  An impression of the hallux 
was preserved and indicates that the trackmaker was a theropod.  Lockley and 
Hunt attribute the track to T. rex based on the large size (pedal track 
length 86 cm) and age (late Maastrichtian).

Lockley and Hunt estimated a speed of 11.5 km per hour using Alexander's 
formula and a minimum stride length of 5.6 m.
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