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Re: Definition of term

>What is Arctometatarsalia?
>---John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)

Arctometatarsalia Holtz 1994 - the clade within "maniraptorans" containing
Tyrannosauridae, Ornithomimosauria, Troodontidae, and (maybe) Elmisauridae
and Avimimus.

Holtz, T.R., Jr.  1994.  The phylogenetic position of the Tyrannosauridae:
implications for theropod systematics.  Journal of Paleontology 68:

Arctus in this sense is the Latin word for narrow, tight, compressed, or
channelled (a varient of artus).  It is not based on the Greek Arktos
(bear) or Arktikos (land of the bear, i.e., the far north), although these
forms do seem to be almost strictly Laurasian.

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