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S.A. T.rex tracks

Someone posted a note here about some purported T-rex
tracks that were recently found in South America.

In Louie Psihoyos' book _Hunting Dinosaurs_ (a very good read,
by the way), Psihoyos writes about dino tracker Martin Lockley, who
has worked on a purported T. rex track in the Raton Basin of northern
New Mexico, discovered by Charles Pillmore of the U.S.G.S.

Lockley is photographed (p. 137) leaning on a spectacular cast of a
massive footprint.  Does anyone have any more information on this
find?  Lockley calculated the speed of the rex at least at 7 mph.  This
implies that Lockley found more than one print (if he is using the
Alexander formula, that is).

Regarding the South American footprints.  I, too, am puzzled when the
poster wrote that we shouldn't expect the find to be published.