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Re: Dino Books for 10 Year Old

Miles Constable at Edmn <ConstableM@mail.edm.ab.doe.ca> wrote:

> OK, point taken. I agree a lot of 10 year olds could function as undergrad 
> paleontologists. In that case you might like to take a look at:
> The Great Dinosaurs
> >From Triassic through Jurassic to Cretaceous
> 180 Million Years of Dinosaurs
> Zdenek Spinar and Philip Currie
> Illustrations by Jan Sovak
> Published by Aventium Publishing House, Prague, 1994
> English version by
> Sunburst Books
> Deacon House
> 65 Old Church St.
> London, England SW3 5BS
> ISBN 1085778-107-4

Oh those wonderful Czechs!!!  Is the Czech Republic some kind of
hotbed of dinosaurian enthusiasm?  My kids gave ME a book 2 Christmasses
ago, ``Dinosaurs: a complete world history'' by Stephen and Sylvia Czerkas,
(1991?)  which is an excellent overview of evolution of many dinosaur lines,
though it lacks some of the most recent ideas on asiamerican migration.
It has an extensive section on Permian and Triassic animals, plants and
environments, to `set the stage' for exploring why dinosaurs expanded so
rapidly in the Triassic and Jurassic.  There are many excellent comparative
drawings of skulls and skeletons, artwork, reconstructions and paintings,
and photos of the sculptures Mr. Czerkas is famous for.  There are indices
for the animal and plant species depicted in the paintings, which is a nice
touch.  My kids and I have enjoyed this book a lot.

> Try this one for Christmas. Your tiny paleontologist may thank you. Or else 
> buy him an Indiana Jones Hat, a trowel, brush and dental pick and send him 
> to Montana for the summer.

Great ideas, but from Calgary, Drumheller, Brooks and the Tyrrell Museum are
closer!  Thanks for your input.  Do we have a database of book reviews in
the FAQs for this list?
Mike Bonham        bonham@jade.ab.ca