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Whale predation

There was a great film of Orcas taking on a large fin whale off BC, Canada,
I believe, in which a pack of the killer's were systematically training
young.  First the adults would charge into the whale, and like david
schwimmer described, bite the tongue, fins and flukes.  Then the lead guy
whistled, the adults backed off, and all the little guys charged in to do
the same.  They were chaotic and couldn't seem to get the technique down,
so another whistle backed them off for another watch and learn session by
the adults.  Eventually the big whale died.  I can't remember the film's
name or anything else because I only caught part of it on TV.  So its a
nature movie, maybe a PBS film.  I'd sure like to use it in my oceanography
class if anyone can remember it.

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