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current informational material

Greetings once again from a University somewhere in Iowa.

I was wondering if anyone could give me any information on any good
informational books that have a good smattering of the newist theories and
information on dino characteristics and daily life so to speak. (not
including Bakker's "The Dinosaur Heresies", "Dinosaurs" by Halstead, "The
Dinosaur encyclopedia" by Benton, or "Dinosaur!" by Norman.  Also
Dinosauria which I hope to obtain very shortly.) Hopefully
something along the lines of "The Dinosaur Heresies" preferably not by
Bakker.  Also looking for a decient periodical that covers new discoveries
and theories a bit above the general layman's language.  Finally Hoping
for a place where I can find papers and thesis on paleontology since I am
outside of the general paleontological circles and am missing out on a lot
of subjects that are discussed on the list., and I hope one of these days
to possibly be employed by a museum cleaning fossils and some such work so
I want to keep up on all the up to the date info on everything in
vertebrate paleontology.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Just a last note, Any messages I respond to I am not intending to offend
anyone unintentionally if I disagree with their views.  I am just
expressing my opinions and I think a little bit of discussion and new
ideas enrich the field and help us all learn more.  After all, who will
ever really know who's right? (Unless of course somebody ever builds a
time machine, but then they probably won't live to tell about it either) 

Claire "Strawberry" Ingles
Trapped in undergraduate hell.