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Dino Books for 10 Year Old

Mike Bonham replied to my previous post about a good book for 10 year olds.
>>ARE there any 10-year olds who need an introduction to dinosaurs?
OK, point taken. I agree a lot of 10 year olds could function as undergrad 
paleontologists. In that case you might like to take a look at:

The Great Dinosaurs
>From Triassic through Jurassic to Cretaceous
180 Million Years of Dinosaurs
Zdenek Spinar and Philip Currie
Illustrations by Jan Sovak
Published by Aventium Publishing House, Prague, 1994
English version by
Sunburst Books
Deacon House
65 Old Church St.
London, England SW3 5BS
ISBN 1085778-107-4
(I learned a lot from this book). I got it for $12 Can. at Coles. It is a 
pretty good advanced introduction to dinosaurs, with some great pictures by 
Sovak. Spinar and Currie are up to date with new animals and theories and 
cover all of the families and genera and many of the species of the medium 
and large dinosaurs. No small ones for some reason.  Perhaps they will 
produce "The Tiny Dinosaurs" shortly.

Try this one for Christmas. Your tiny paleontologist may thank you. Or else 
buy him an Indiana Jones Hat, a trowel, brush and dental pick and send him 
to Montana for the summer.