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Re: ceratopsians and administrivia

> Tom Holtz writes:
> >Chasmosaurine [aka ceratopsine] ceratopsids like Triceratops,
> >Torosaurus, etc., come in two adult morphologies:
> In his chapter in _Dinosaur Systematics_, doesn't Lehman also
> tentatively suggest that Torosaurus might be the male form of
> Triceratops?  If I'm remembering correctly, has anybody agreed with or
> disputed that assessment?
I checked the book, and it's Ostrom and Wellnhofer, in their chapter on
Triceratops, that make this statement (p. 251):

        _Torosaurus_ may in fact represent a separate taxon, a distinct
        genus, but it might also be the male form of _Triceratops_.

As you said, it's very tentative.