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Re: tails for defense

> .... A stegosaur, on the other hand, looks like it could not turn its head
> around far enough to see what is directly behind it, and is totally
> defenseless in a head-on attack. Thus if I were an allosaur, my strategy
> would be to approach stealthily from directly behind, then charge by and
> seize the stegosaurs head in my jaws before he even saw me.

Stegosaurus eyes are directed for side to side vision.  It had to wag it 
head side to side to scan the surroundings...it would not have to move 
its body to get a good look with one of its eyes to anything in front or 
back of it.  So Allosaurus had better be very lucky on his stealthily 
approach from behind.
Also, Stegosaurus, like many herbivores, tend to congregate in herds or 
large groups so that there are many eyes looking in all directions, and 
ready to issue out warnings of approaching predators.
So unless the Stegosaurus is sick, alone, very young, or just plain 
stupid, it should prove quite a match for any predator...

---John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)