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ceratopsians and administrivia

Tom Holtz writes:

>Chasmosaurine [aka ceratopsine] ceratopsids like Triceratops,
>Torosaurus, etc., come in two adult morphologies:

In his chapter in _Dinosaur Systematics_, doesn't Lehman also
tentatively suggest that Torosaurus might be the male form of
Triceratops?  If I'm remembering correctly, has anybody agreed with or
disputed that assessment?

In that chapter Lehman also mentions that he thinks Avaceratops should
be considered a junior synonym of Monoclonius.  I haven't been able to
get the the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (are you
happy, Tony? :-) during a week day (when their library is open) to
look at a copy of the paper where Dodson described Ava, and it's hard
for me to tell what parts of the display are real bones, so I don't
know how he's determined to his own satisfaction that it's an adult.
Lehman doesn't say anything about why he thinks Ava is a Monoclonius.
Has anybody else in the field taken a look at Ava to evaluate its
taxonomic status?

Although I've been wondering about those things for a while and would
really like answers, they're not really what prompted me to write.
I'm writing because I'm concerned about message duplications.  At
least two messages were distributed via the list twice yesterday.  On
both of these occasions, the first time the message was distributed it
was sent to the list as a Cc:, and the second time it was sent to the
list directly.  Since different people were involved each time, I'm
concerned that this could be a general problem.  The list has gotten
pretty active of late, and it's cost us some subscribers, so I'd ask
that people be very careful about such things.  If you're one of the
duplicators and don't know how the duplication occurred, please look
into it.  (No, Tom, you're not one of them :-)

Along a similar vein, if you miss a piece of mail sent to the list,
please don't ask the list to re-post it, and if someone does ask
please don't re-post things to the list for the benefit of one person.
If you missed or accidentally deleted something and you really want
another copy, write directly to me.  If somebody else ignores this
message and asks the list anyways, please write directly to them if
you want to help (or yell at) them.

I hated writing this message because it's adding to the clutter that
I'd like to cut off, but hopefully it will cut unnecessary traffic in
the long run.  Finally, if you think you may need help with the list
and may forgot where to write to get such help (especially if your
mail reader strips off the "Errors-To: " line in the header), please
save this message under a filename like
where-to-write-for-dinosaur-help.  (or dinosaur.hlp if you're stuck
with MS-DOS style filenames...)

Thanks for your patience,

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)