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Dino trivia

I'm preparing two different training sessions, and would appreciate
discussion, feedback, etc on the following:

>>>>> Extinction theories - new information or thinking in the '90's.
     Also discussion of how the environment was changing and the
     effect on diversification in the late Cretaceous.

>>>>> Life in the Cretaceous Period - the focus is on Stenonychosaurus
     (Troodon) - (That's the sculpture in the room, so this isn't
     flexible), including plant, aquatic, mammals, etc.

Suggested reading for beginners would also be appreciated.  I'll need
to supply a short (three book) suggested reading list.

Archaeopteryx is also in this room, and the recent descussions have
been very helpful......Thanks.....

For those of you familiar with the Academay of Natural Sciences of
Philadelphia, I'll be in the Cretaceous Room - any "background"
information, or details that often go unnoticed would be greatly
appreciated. I wasn't a docent when the exhibit opened so any
"trivia" would add interest to the session.


Michelle (Miki)  Baker