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Church and Science

No, I'm not some bible thumper, I only have a question that I hope someone
out there might be able to help me with.

A while back, I recieved a letter in the mail from a group claiming to
represent a number of scientists (evolutionists) forming a religion based on
Nature and an alternitive to creationists.  I did not give it much thought,
and placed it in the circular file.  It may have been sent to SVP members, I
seem to remember that my membership number was on the mailing label.

Last week, my children brought home some questions from school (public
school-love that outcome based education) that I believe someone on that
panel may be able to help answer.

If anyone still has a copy of that letter and  a better filing system then I,
would you please send me the name and address of a contact person? 


George F. Winters
Fossil Recreations
e-mail; GeorgeW363@aol.com