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9th annual palynology conference

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Subject: palynology conference

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Subject: Announcement of IX IPC


     HOUSTON, TEXAS  22-29 June 1996

     Organized by the International Federation of Palynological Societies and
the American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists.
The following is an abbreviated version of the First Circular. 
If you have not already responded and want to receive the 2nd Circular, 
please respond by e-
mail using the form at the end.

The Ninth IPC meeting will be held at the JW Marriot Hotel in Houston, 
Texas, USA, 22-29 June, 1996.  Symposia topics and field trips for the 9th 
IPC are in the planning stages. There will be a maximum of 700 oral 
presentations. There will also be space for 250-300 posters. More details 
will be provided in the 2nd IPC Circular.
     We encourage individuals to consider organizing a symposium, and/or 
presenting a technical paper on a research topic covered by one of the 
fields listed below. 
Aerobiology & Medical Palynology
Computers, Data Storage, & Statistical Methods
Ecology & Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction
Entomopalynology & Archaeological Palynology
Marine Palynology
Melissopalynology & Forensic Palynology
Morphology & Genetics
New Frontiers & Applications in Palynology
Palynomorph Preparation Techniques
Palynomorph Sampling 
Palynostratigraphy & Sequence Stratigraphy
Pre-Quaternary & Quaternary Studies
Systematics, Ontogeny, & Evolution
TEM & SEM Applications in Palynology
Teaching & Professional Training

Individuals wishing to organize symposia should contact either: 
Vaughn Bryant vbryant@tamu.edu
     Phone: 409-845-5242; FAX: 409-845-4070 or 
John Wrenn glwrenn@lsuvm.sncc.lsu.edu
     Phone: 504-388-4683: FAX: 504-388-2302

Estimated Registration fee: $325  (students $150)
Fee includes meeting registration, copies of the 9th IPC Proceedings Volume 
and World Directory of Palynologists, 2nd edition. Lodging, short courses, & 
field trips are additional.


Return this form by January 31, 1995 
to receive the 2nd Circular.



I am hoping to present: 
an oral presentation ___   or poster ___ 
 (tentative subject or title) 



by fax or e-mail to:
D. J.  Nichols 
U. S. Geological Survey FAX : 303-236-5690
Internet: dnichols@greenwood.cr.usgs.gov

Bonnie Blackwell,                               bonn@qcvaxa.acc.qc.edu
Dept of Geology,                                (718) 997-3332
Queens College, City University of New York,    fax:  997-3349
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