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goodies in my mail

Last night I received two pieces of snail-mail which will hopefully be
of interest to at least some of you.  First off, I'm chagrined to note
that I've only now gotten around to joining the Dinosaur Society.
However, my tardiness was also to my benefit as I can affirm for you
that they are still sending out the '95 calendars that Thom Holmes
mentioned before (unless I got the last one :-) If you haven't joined
yet, I'd urge you to do so on the basis of the cool calendar alone!

If you're not going to be near Philadelphia on friday night of next
week (the 30th), you can stop reading now.  If you are, you'll be
interested in my other piece of mail.  It was an anouncement from
the Philadelphia Herpetological Society of a talk which will be given
in auditorium B-101 of the U of Pa School of Veterinary Medicine at
39th and Spruce at 8 PM Friday, Dec. 30th.  The talk will be given by
James Spotila of the department of bioscience of Drexel University.
The title of the talk is "Leatherback Sea Turtles; Modern Models for
Dinosaur Biology".  I expect that he will talk about some of the work
that was featured in the WHYY series narrated by Barbara Feldon (aka
"99" :-)  

I will be around at the time, so barring unforeseen circumstances, you
can see me there.  For everyone else, I'll report back to the list if
there's anything newer than what already aired on the afforementioned

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)

P.S. Happy Holidays!