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Re: cannibalism in Crocs

Actually crocs and gators are good mothers that gently care for their
offspring.  The casual observer may see a mother gator pick up a baby in her
mouth and conclude that she is eating her own young.
In fact mom is very gentle with these babies and  closer observation reveals
that she will take the babies down to the waters edge and release them into
their aquatic domain.  She will respond to the babies voice while the baby is
still in the shell and help the youngsters break out.   She will guard her
nest against intruders of all kinds, (including Florida Crackers) and make
sure that all of her offspring make it down to the waters edge for the first
time anyway.  Aquatic turtles will lay their eggs in and around the  edge of
the gator nest and the baby turtles will even benifit from the mother gators
protection.   So, gators do not just lay 'em and leave 'em as the old
reptilian stereotype would have us believe.

However, at some point after this initial period of motherly love, all bets
are off and depending on conditions in the local habitat, drought conditions,
population pressures, and the availability of other food, etc.  the big ones
will eat the little ones.

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