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Re: Skeletons in Dinosaur Closets

>From: Tom Holtz <tholtz@geochange.er.usgs.gov>
 > The Coelophysis specimens at Ghost Ranch are almost 100% definite evidence
 > of cannibalism.  Among the dozens (actually, probablly hundreds) of
 > specimens at this site, 

Oh, I would definately say hundreds.  The single incompletely
prepared block I saw at the Denver Natural History Museum a
couple of years ago probalby had a dozen or so specimens all
by itself.

And the article I just finished on the Ghost Ranch Quarry indicated
there are still many specimens remaining at the site - the bone
bed continues on back into the hill, nobody knows how far.

 > Many animals practice cannibalism during times of stress (a next generation
 > is nice, but when times are tough, meat is meat).

Or, to put it another way, in times of stress the young probably
won't survive anyway, so the parent is more likely to reproduce
successfully by surviving until things get better.

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