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The Program for Extraordinary Experience Research

Message relayed FYI...

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Subject: The Program for Extraordinary Experience Research
Author:  Terry Colvin at FHU1
Date:    6/12/1994 7:00 AM

Even National Geographic jumped on the New Age bandwagon last weekend. 
The "Mysteries" show covered alien abduction (great sequence from outer 
space beyond Jupiter, to Earth, and into a bedroom), and cold-adapted 
dinosaurs in southern Australia (tropical and polar???).  Oh, and our 
old friend (Dr.) John Mack commented on his research.
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Subject: The Program for Extraordinary Experience Research
Author:  DYKH007@kiowa.astate.edu at smtp 
Date:    5/12/1994 4:55 PM

For anyone who would like to share an x-file experience they had, 
there is a group who is interested.  It is called PEER.  It is non- 
profit and was founded in 1993.  I have enclosed the following 
description of it.
Taken from Abduction by John Mack.


_The Program for Extraordinary Experience Research, PEER_

The program for Extraordinary Experience Research, PEER, is a 
nonprofit research and education group dedicated to a deeper 
understanding of experienced encounters with intelligent nonhuman 
beings, the phenomenon commonly called "alien abduction."  PEER was 
founded in 1993 by Dr. John E. Mack as a project under the auspices 
of the Center for Psychology and Social Change.
Peer works with experiencers and the theraputic community to foster an 
understanding of these experiences, develop a network of support and 
education, consider the implications of the phenomenon, and 
disseminate information to the general public. PEER is interested in 
exploring and documenting experiences worldwide.  We would be happy to 
hear from individuals who would like to provide us with information or 
inquire about our program.  All information sent to us will be kept 
confidential.  Please do not send  us original documents or anything  
that you wish to have returned.
If you'd like to write to us, please include the form below (or a 
copy of it) with your letter.

P.O. BOX 382427


TELEPHONE (OPTIONAL)_____________________________

Please indicate your area(s) of interest.

I am interested in:

_______providing information about experiences for possible inclusion 
       in your work (Please do not send more than two pages)
_______helping experiencers in a theraputic context 
_______sharing cross-cultural information about the phenomenon 
_______making a donation to the program

Other area(s) of 

Would you like to make your name and address available to receive 

_______from PEER

_______from other individuals or groups whose work relates to the