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Re: Archaeopteryx and Flight

>From: Shaun Sinclair <ssinclai@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca>
 > Whether or not Archy was doing the same at this stage of 
 > development may be moot since it is (for the most part) being deemed to 
 > be a full fledged flier. Therefore, it probably didn't _have_ to run 
 > about in it's quest for food. It could get it in flight.

Well, as it was, at best, a rather weak flyer, it probably used
its flight more for escape and search than for actual hunting.
[I suppose a "pouncing" style of hunting from flight might be
usable at Archie's level].
 > But doesn't this assume that it knew how to glide first? If you kill 
 > yourself leaping out of trees _without_ the ability to glide, there isn't 
 > much evolutionary advantage in it.

How about leaping from tree to tree?

This is the usual model for an arboreal origin of flight.
[Actually, for an animal a little smaller than Archie, a fall
from a tree would *not* be fatal - just painful, and potentially

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