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Re: cannibalism

Did I miss something? Where did this cannibalism thread come from? I 
wasn't aware that there was any evidence of cannibalism in any dinosaur, 
let alone coelophysis. Does this have anything to do with the mass 
coelophysis burial site out west (I forget the name of the site)? 
Details, please.

I think that the reference is to a specimen held in the Royal 
Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, Alberta that contains the ossified 
remains of the last meal in the gut area.  The bones have been 
suggested to be the remains of a juvenile *Coelophysis*.  Most recent 
childrens books seem to illustrate this animal as evidence of 
cannibalism in dinosaurs.  See David Lamberts book called _The 
Ultimate Dinosaur Book_ 1993.

Neil Clark
Curator of Palaeontology
Hunterian Museum
University of Glasgow
email: NCLARK@museum.gla.ac.uk

Mountains are found in erogenous zones.
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