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Re: Skeletons in Dinosaur Closets

> How conclusive/persuasive is the evidence that Coelophysis practiced 
> cannibalism? I tend to think of all dinosaurs as noble creatures and 
> would prefer the image of a mother dinosaur sacrificing herself to save 
> her children rather than one so self-centered that she would devour her 
> own offspring. Are there many vertebrate species--extant or extinct--that 
> devour their own kind and/or offspring?

I know from my own experiences with pet snakes that some species
will eat their young. Male mice also will eat their young, and the
females tend not to eat _their_ young, but will happily ingest
someone elses.

As for dinos, I can't imagine a lrge predator passing up any good,
free meal, their own species or not.
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