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Phenomena Points of Contact

     The phenomena message broadcast below is intended as a public
service announcement.  My only intent is to get other sources of
information out to the general public.

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Subject: Phenomena Points of Contact
Author:  Terry Colvin at FHU1
Date:    7/12/1994 7:34 AM

Ben, this is a corrected copy.
Howdy Ben,
     Good to hear from you on 3 Dec.  I cited the wrong subject;
Anybody Out There? instead of "your opinions?".  Anyway, trust you 
got the episode guide (think I saw another post from you on that).
     Below is my review of three good sources of phenomena study.
Enjoy and write...

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Subject: Phenomena POCs
Author:  Terry Colvin at FHU1
Date:    6/12/1994 9:51 AM

Below are three sources of information on phenomena:  anomalies, UFOs, 
and Fortean.
(1)  Science Frontiers; Sourcebook Project; P.O. Box 107; Glen Arm,
     Maryland  21057; USA
     Published and edited by William R. Corliss, SF is a bimonthly 
     collection of digests of scientific anomalies in the current 
     literature.  Bill summarizes in short paragraphs, gives full 
     references, and often comments.  Subject areas include Archeology, 
     Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Geophysics, Psychology, Physics, 
     Mathematics, and Unclassified.  A Book Supplement comes with
     each issue.  A sample and up to one year are free.  Subscription 
     continues free with a purchase of one book every year or so.  A 
     straight subscription costs $7.00 (U.S.) for four tightly edited 
     and printed pages of the newsletter and book supplement.
(2)  Flying Saucer Review; The Editor, FSR Publications Ltd.;
     P.O. Box 162; High Wycombe, Bucks., HP135DZ, England.  Published 
     since 1955 repeat 1955, the current editor is Gordon Creighton, 
     MA, FRGS, FRAS.  Only one line describes the intent:  Quote
     The international journal of cosmology and eschatology, and for 
     the discussion of reports of unidentified flying objects and their 
     alien occupants.  Unquote The price is steep, but the quality of 
     content and publishing format compensates for most people 
     interested in this subject.  Four (4) issues per year, about 26 
     pages each, large format:
          United Kingdom - *L15.00 (single copies L4.00 each)*=Pounds 
          All other countries (including USA) - L18.00 OR $US35.00
               (single copies L5.00 OR $US9.00, all post free)
(3)  Fortean Times
     U.S. subscription:  Fenner, Reed & Jackson, Inc.; PO Box 754; 
     Manhasset, NY  11030.  Other subscriptions through:  John Brown 
     Publishing; FREEPOST (SW6096); Frome, Somerset BA11 1YA,
     United Kingdom.  Their E-Mail Internet:  bobR@forteana.win-uk.net 
     -- repeat -- bobR@forteana.win-uk.net.  Address inquiries to
     Bob Rickard or Paul Sieveking (co-editors).
                    CAVEAT -- X-FILES & FORTEANA =
               One measures a circle beginning anywhere.
     Yes, it is phenomena of all sorts with a fortean twist which may 
     appeal to X-Philers.  Experimental pages are on the Internet via 
     the Microcentre at the University of Dundee.  Access using the URL: 
     I quote from their editorial page:
     QUOTE  Fortean Times is a bi-monthly magazine of news, reviews and 
     research on strange phenomena and experiences, curiosities, prodigies 
     and portents.  It was founded in 1973 to continue the work of Charles 
     Fort.  Throughout his life, Fort was sceptical about scientific ex- 
     planations, observing how scientists argued according to their own 
     beliefs rather than the rules of evidence and that inconvenient data 
     was ignored, suppressed, discredited or explained away (which is quite 
     different from explaining a thing).  UNQUOTE
     Subscription is steep:  USA($30), rest of the world ($36) yearly
     for six issues, @ approx. 65 pages in 11.5" X 8" format, glossy stock, 
     good photos, and excellent source references.  These are culled from 
     all types of media, including print, video, and computer programs.