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Re: Post-K Aussie Dinosaurs

I've been reading this thread with interest and expectation that it might 
turn to post K dinosaur finds in general.

In *Dinosaurs Past and Present, Vol II*, J. Keith Rigby, Jr. begins....

"Six locations have now producted Paleocene dinosaur remains, primarily 
teeth and more rarely bones, form screen-washed matrix obtained from the 
upper part of the Hell Creek Formation, McCone County, Montana.  These 
fossils are thought to represent primary Paleocene deposition and are not 
derived from Cretaceous bank sources..........."

I am curious about the disposition of Rigby's findings.  Have his 
conclusions received additional attention?  Have they been discredited?  
Ignored?  His extensive field work and lengthy supporting arguments seem, to 
this lay person, to be quite convincing.  

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