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2nd CFV: sci.bio.paleontology

                  2nd and FINAL CALL FOR VOTES (of 2)

Unmoderated group sci.bio.paleontology

Newsgroups line:
sci.bio.paleontology    Paleontology and related topics

Votes must be recieved by 23:59:59 UTC, 5 January 1995.

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  Contact the
votetaker, Ed Bailey <bailey@hagar.ph.utexas.edu>, with any questions
about voting procedures. Questions about the proposed group should be
sent to the proponent, Bob Myers <stssram@st.unocal.com>.

This CFV will be posted to the following mailing lists.
        Dinosaur <listserv@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu>
        Palaeobotany  <palaeobotany@vax.rhbnc.ac.uk>
        Pollination and Palynology List <listserv@uoguelph.ca>
        Taxonomic & Systematic Collections <listserv@HARVARDA.harvard.edu>


The newsgroup sci.bio.paleontology is open to discussion on scientific
topics concerning paleontology. All paleontological topics are welcome, such
as discussions of extinct animals and plants, their physiology and
phylogeny, fossils, paleoecology, extinction events, and recent discoveries,
but all discussion of creation vs. evolution should take place in
talk.origins, not sci.bio.paleontology.


You should send MAIL (posts to a group are invalid) to
(just replying by MAIL to this message should work).  Your mail
message should contain one and only one of the following statements:

       I vote YES on sci.bio.paleontology.
       I vote NO on sci.bio.paleontology.
       I vote ABSTAIN on sci.bio.paleontology.
       I vote CANCEL on sci.bio.paleontology.

You may add a comment, but anything other than a definite statement involving
the group name and "yes", "no", "for", or "against" on a single line may be
rejected by the automatic vote counting program.  An "abstain" vote has no
effect on the result, but your vote will be registered.

If you later change your mind you may send in another vote.  Only the last
valid vote received will count.  You may also vote "cancel", which is similiar
to "abstain", but your vote will not be listed in the final vote tally.

You should receive an acknowledgement (via email) of your vote within
one to three days.  Additional CFVs will NOT include mass ACKs, only
ACKs for undeliverable mail.

Standard Guidelines for voting apply:  One vote per person (regardless
of how many accounts you have) and one vote per account (regardless of
how many people use that account).  Votes from system accounts, e.g.
root, postmaster, et al., and votes from anonymous accounts will be
rejected.  100 more YES votes than NO votes and 2/3 of all votes being
YES are the requirements for group creation.  Addresses and votes of all
voters will be published in the final voting results list.


All votes received by December 13th, 23:59 GMT have been counted and ACKed.
Vote acknowledgements sent to the following addresses have bounced.  These
votes *have* been counted, but I have been unable to reply to their mail.
If you voted, but you have NOT received an ACK *and* your name is NOT listed
below, then your vote was probably lost somewhere in the ether.  Please
send another vote to voting@ziggy.ph.utexas.edu.

mplummer@main2.                                 AMN Morris Plummer
scyun@hyowon.cc.pusan.ac.kr                     Seokchan Yun
agb8147@dcmdsgbm                                David Wright

The following people have sent malformed ballots which have not been
superceded by a Yes, No, or Abstain vote.  These people should revote.

johnsorl@Colorado.EDU                                           Robert Johnson
   ! No vote statement in message
n8010095@henson.cc.wwu.edu                                     Phillip Bigelow
   ! No vote statement in message
   ! Invalid address
stuartp@inteq.com                                              Stuart Pressage
   ! No vote statement in message
   ! No vote statement in message

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