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new dinosaur tooth species

Finally got around to the chapter on new Ornithischia species in Fraser &
Sues' _In the Shadow of the Dinosaurs: Early Mesozoic Tetrapods_.  In this
chapter by Hunt and Lucas, several new forms are named:

Galtonia gibbidens (Cope 1878)
Pekinosaurus olseni Hunt et Lucas 1994
Tecovasaurus murryi Hunt et Lucas 1994
Lucianosaurus wildi Hunt et Lucas 1994

These are based on teeth only, and seem to represent fairly primitive
ornithischians (stem ornithischians like Lesothosaurus or basal
thyreophorans like Scuttelosaurus or basal ornithopods like the

As with any teeth species, there is the possibility that more than one of
these "species" could actually come from the same animal (back teeth, front
teeth, bottom teeth, etc.).  However, Hunt and Lucas make clear what they
regards as distinctive, derived features of each of these species.

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