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Re: Tarbosaurus/Tyrannosaurus

> >Albertosaurus? megagracilis,
> > and the "Jordan theropod" (Aublysodon mirandus of most authors, Aublysodon
> > molnari of Paul).

>Though he had better remember that Paul's publication of the species
>name 'molnari' *is* proper according to the current rules, so it
>cannot be simply ignored.  (As long as it is a junior synonym of
>Aublysodon mirandus there is no problem, but once one pulls the
>Jordan specimen out of that species, it *must* be called 'molnari').

And that is exactly what he is doing.

[Incidentally, some few might notice that I used the trivial name
"molnari", although in the text of Paul 1988, the name is "molnaris".  This
change was an emmendation by Olshevsky some years ago, since -odon is
masculine and requires the masculine genitive form for the trivial name.]

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