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Re: Flight

 From: "Jason P. Schlumbohm" <schlumbj@ucs.orst.edu>
 > If the
 > scales on the arms and tails became elongate, they would have functionally
 > stabilized the body while running. Thus we have our selective pressure:
 > those animals which run more stably than others will be more successful
 > hunters, and therefore reproductive fitness will be higher. 

Are there any proper aerodynamic simulations that support this idea?

Has it been verified that increasing the foil size continues to 
increase stability right up to the size necessary to support a body
in the air?

All *I* have ever seen of these is arguments from common sense,
not in-depth experimental or mathematical analyses.

 > Feathers thus
 > evolved as a modification for flight, not for insulation or endothermy, as
 > there are no feathers on the body, only the flight surfaces of the arms
 > and tail.

Not true.  Archaeopteryx has body feathers as well as flight feathers.

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