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Re: Tarbosaurus/Tyrannosaurus

>From: Tom Holtz <tholtz@geochange.er.usgs.gov>
 > George Olshevsky will have two-part article on the Tyrannosauridae ...
 >  In these articles he will propose
 > new generic names for Tyrannosaurus bataar, Albertosaurus? megagracilis,
 > and the "Jordan theropod" (Aublysodon mirandus of most authors, Aublysodon
 > molnari of Paul).  Given that Molnar (the world expert on tyrannosaurid
 > skulls) considers bataar to be Tyrannosaurus, I'd be cautious about a new
 > generic name for that species.  The others, however, might very well stand,
 > as long as they are proposed later in a refereed techincal journal.

Though he had better remember that Paul's publication of the species
name 'molnari' *is* proper according to the current rules, so it
cannot be simply ignored.  (As long as it is a junior synonym of
Aublysodon mirandus there is no problem, but once one pulls the
Jordan specimen out of that species, it *must* be called 'molnari').

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