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Re: Flight

Thanks for the input on the origins of flight, particularly Stan Friesen. I
*certainly* appreciate the enlightenment!
I also agree that all the current forms of gliders we know of are arboreal by
nature. Of course flying and gliding are two different things. 
Stan's point about bats originating flight as gliders was also a good one;
however, are we to infer that because bats gained the ability to fly through
gliding from tree to tree, that pterosaurs and birds must have evolved
through the same mechanism? Does any other paradigm work? Or is there one and
only one way for a group of animals to develop flight?
And what is the physiological evidence that archaeopteryx was a climber? Is
it definitive or speculative in nature?
I think hard evidence one way or the other is sketchy at best. No doubt, that
is what inspires such debate. :-)
As always, I appreciate any comments.

Bill Barbour
Assistant Education Curator
Natural Science Center of Greensboro