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Re: T-rex full scale replica.

>From: WBU71753@aol.com
 > I have plans to construct a replica of T-rex for public viewing in a Desert
 > town near Las vegas called Pahrump. Questions:
 > Where would I obtain the most accurate dimensions for a muture adult ?

Well, Horner's book is probably a good place to start.
The references listed there should cover more detailed reconstructions.
 > Skin color, texture etc..........

Skin color is anybody's guess.

The best approach is to try to make the color appropriate for a
predator in its habitat.

The evidence suggests the habitat where it was found was a seasonally
arid coastal plain with lowland broadleaf forests, redwood/bald cypress
swamps, and extensive "reed" marshes along numerous small and mid-size
rivers.  What sorts of vegetation covered the terraces and low hills
between the rivers is hard to say, but it *may* have been low
evergreen shrubs with scattered ginkgoes and conifers.

What sort of predator color scheme would work in this habitat,
I really do not know.

As for texture, nothing is known directly, but several dinosaur
mummies are known which suggest a leathery, coarse-scaly, rather
warty skin texture.  But this is rather generic, and not specific
to T. rex.

Oh, and remember to make sure the ridges on the top of the skull
are visible.  They might even have had a different color than
the rest of the body.

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