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RE: Nannotyrannus

>Was Nanotyrannus and his larger cousin T. Rex contemporaneous?

>Tracy <monaghan@cac.washington.edu>
>Information Highway Worker
>University of Washington
>Seattle, Washington

 Not only are they contemporaries, as Tom Holtz has said, but the holotype
 of Nannotyrannus was found in nearly the same quarry as a tyrannosaurus
rex.  I did a liturature search a couple years ago and found that both
genera were collected adjacent to each other in a dry creek drainage.
If memory serves, Molnar wrote a Jour. Paleo. paper on it about 20 years
ago, and then wrote a short blurb on it again in _The Dinosauria_..in
addition to Bakker et.al's paper describing it as a new species in

This is not the first occurrence of tyrannosaurids occurring together in a
cluster.  The South Dakota specimen of T.rex ("Sue") was found in
association with at least two other fragmentary tyrannosaurids of uncertain
species.  Most seem to think that the association is just a coincidence;
that the animals were washed in from widely separated death sites.  I think
it is more complicated than that, as predator/scavenger dinosaurs are very
uncommon in the fossil record.