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Re: Alberta DINOTOUR

> The Winter 1994 edition of The Dinosaur Society's Dinosaur Report
> carried a note about a forthcoming trip to study the dinosaurs of Alberta.
> Led by Dr. Phil Currie of the Royal Tyrrell Museum, the trip will 
> take place May 7- 15, 1994, and include Devil's Coulee egg site, 
> Dinosaur Provincial Park, St. Mary's River tracksite, special
> presentations and exhibit viewing at the RTMP, and many other
> features. DINOTOUR is a non-profit educational group, which has sponsored
> trips since 1991. I have been affiliated as an organizer and 
> trip participant, and would be happy to provide contact info to 
>    interested parties. This is NOT a sales pitch - just a way to
> reach fellow enthusiasts!! Thanks!          

Arggggg....!   Just what I need.  Another way to spend money.  :-)

Actually, the above sounds *very* interesting.  A trip to RTMP has
been on my "list" for quite some time, now.  This sounds like a good

So...  Could you send me contact info?  Thanks...