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>The Winter 1994 edition of The Dinosaur Society's Dinosaur Report
>carried a note about a forthcoming trip to study the dinosaurs of Alberta.
>Led by Dr. Phil Currie of the Royal Tyrrell Museum, the trip will 
>take place May 7- 15, 1994, and include Devil's Coulee egg site, 
>Dinosaur Provincial Park, St. Mary's River tracksite, special
>presentations and exhibit viewing at the RTMP, and many other
>features. DINOTOUR is a non-profit educational group, which has sponsored
>trips since 1991. I have been affiliated as an organizer and 
>trip participant, and would be happy to provide contact info to                
>   interested parties. This is NOT a sales pitch - just a way to
>reach fellow enthusiasts!! Thanks!          

        Could you provide me with contact info.  Also could you give me more
 info about DINOTOUR.  My son is a member of the Dinosaur Society.
 I have a 6 year old gifted son who, since 2 1/2 years, has wanted to be a
 paleontologist.  He knows the name of over 50 dinosaurs, what the name means,
 what period the dino lived, eating habits, lizard or bird type hips and 
 John Horner, Bob Bakker, and John Ostrom are his hero's.  I try to get as much 
 as I can to feed his thurst for knowledge. We live in the Boston area and 
there is
 not as much activites as in the mid west.  I have taken him to the fossil 
 at Harvard, the Peabody at Yale, the museum of Natural History in New York and
 Dinosaur state park in CT. If you have any ideas about finding info, I would be
 most thankfull.

.. Ian