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Re: Alberta DINOTOUR

>The Winter 1994 edition of The Dinosaur Society's Dinosaur Report
>carried a note about a forthcoming trip to study the dinosaurs of Alberta.
>Led by Dr. Phil Currie of the Royal Tyrrell Museum, the trip will
>take place May 7- 15, 1994, and include Devil's Coulee egg site,
>Dinosaur Provincial Park, St. Mary's River tracksite, special
>presentations and exhibit viewing at the RTMP, and many other
>features. DINOTOUR is a non-profit educational group, which has sponsored
>trips since 1991. I have been affiliated as an organizer and
>trip participant, and would be happy to provide contact info to
>   interested parties. This is NOT a sales pitch - just a way to
>reach fellow enthusiasts!! Thanks!

This note from Heather Whitehead is interesting.  Thank you.  And it made
me wonder if there are other digs that interested folk can participate in.
Is there a clearing house for this kind of information.

        Thank you,


p.s. Heather could you send contact info to the list...

ahouse@hydra.rose.brandeis.edu (Jeremy Creighton Ahouse)