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Experts for 2nd graders?


        I am a second grade teacher with a classroom full of dinosaur experts! 
At least they believe they are and I'm not one to discourage them.  They have
begun to do some research on 52 questions that they posed about dinosaurs. 
Ihave helped them to develop a database on an old Appleworks program to
organize their questions.

        What we need from you is some help on those questions that we can't
find the answers to.  Would anyone be willing to give me some help with this as
we find the need?  Also, is there anyone out there that could drop me a few
lines about actually finding fossils or being at a real sight where dinosaurs
remnants have been found?  
        I can't tell you how excited the kids were when I told them I found an
entire group of specialists on just dinosaurs.  Oh, would any of you like to
hear directly from the kids ....if they have e-mail at home?  I'm afraid that I
have to be the conduit for most as there is not a "connection" in our school!