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More about the Chineese dinosaur egg!

Hi folks,

We appreciate all the responses that we have received in regard to our request 
for information about our "oolithes spheroids" dinosaur egg from the Hunan 
Province. So far we have not received any information about dinosaur finds in 
Southern China. So we are still looking for more information on this egg.

We have also been advised that this egg has evidence of embryoidal matter 
within. The egg is 5" in length, 4.5" wide and a little over 3" in height. We 
would like to have a cat scan done of this egg. Please advise if you know where 
we can get one done and cost involved. We live in the Boston area and so far 
have not been able to get access to such equipment.

Again thanks for your help.
Elaine Hondorf