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Jurassic Math

Hi, my name is Evan Glazer and I am a high school mathematics teacher in
the state of Illinois.  Next week, I will be giving three conference
presentations on incorporating the subject of dinosaurs within mathematics
(hence the title "Jurassic Math").  I have developed activities (elementary
and secondary) for the following areas: time scale, size, mass, speed, and
food intake (hot-blooded vs. cold-blooded).  I would be very interested in
other dinosaur-related ideas/concepts/theories which incorporate
mathematics.  Thanks for your input!
Evan Glazer
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
University of Illinois
office ph# 217-333-7324
home ph# 217-367-8015
e-mail: glazer@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu, or glazer@superdec.uni.uiuc.edu