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I am new in this list and may be in the wrong one, so if I am someone let
me know.

I am a middle school science teacher and am developing a Dinosaur Thematic
Unit for my science classes next year.  To date I have been reading the
following texts:
        Dinosaurs Rediscovered     by Don Lessem
        Dinosaur Heresies          by Robert T. Bakker
        The Ultimate Dinosaur Book by David Lambert

Do you consider these good material for reference and could you reccommend
other texts that I could use.

>From reading your dispatches, I have been learning a lot about the birds
from dinosaurs theory.  I feel that I may be over my head corresponding,
but I think I'll continue to lurk in the background because I'm learning
something - darn it!

Thanks for bearing with me, and if this is not the place I should be
asking simple questions please let me know.

Tom Ragonese