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Dinosaur Dig opportunity

Since I am new to this this I am not sure of the limitations for
discussion. Below is a reproduction of part of a package of information I
have been posting on some of the newsgroups recently. It regards the
opportunity to participate in a dinosaur dig that we are jointly working on
with the South Dakota School of Mines and Techonolgy. I am not sure who
here is active on the newsgroups so I thought it might be useful to post
here also. Please excuse me if this posting is not appropriate to this
list, I kinda thought it might be, but then I may be wrong.

Please note that I have not included the said statistics on Ranch A, nor
some other material such as a liability form that registrants are required
to sign. If you are interested in more info I will send that to you
directly via email rather than cluttering this list with too much material.
I can however repost the flier below and the other material not attached if
the participants in this list want me to (and the owner of the list
approves). For now I will keep the posting to the info about the dig and
registration form. Thanks for your time.

Jurassic Dinosaur Dig

Field Course in South Dakota or Wyoming to excavate Mesozoic Dinosaurs!

Plans are being made now to continue the field paleontology program in
August 1994 to return to eastern Wyoming to excavate Upper Jurassic
dinosaurs and other vertebrates along I-90 near Sundance, Wyoming. If you
have always had an interest in participating in a dinosaur dig--this is
your chance!

Information about the field course is detailed below in this announcement.
For more information, contact Russ Jacobson  at 217-244-2426 (weekdays) or 
217-384-6983 (weekends and evenings) or Steve Sroka at 217-333-2517  or
fill out the form at the end of this announcement and mail to Russ
Jacobson, Illinois State Geological Survey, Room 207, Natural Resources
Building, 615 East Peabody Drive, Champaign, IL 61820

*Description of field program 

Morrison Formation, Upper Jurassic, Sundance Wyoming:  

The field work  in this option will primarily include the excavation, 
collecting,  and documenting of dinosaur and other vertebrates from
multicolored mudstones of the Morrison Formation  in exposures along I-90
in  a roadcut west of Sundance, Wyoming.  We will be  primarily operating
one quarry in the Morrison Formation in this roadcut along I-90 for most of
the two weeks. Depending upon the size of the group we will also be
exploring for additional sites in the nearby hills.  The Morrison is  of
Upper Jurassic age (150 million years old) and is one of the major
dinosaur-bearing formations in the western U.S. Some of the vertebrate
material already recovered from this site include: sauropods (long-necked
dinosaurs), carnosaurs (meat eaters such as Allosaurus), Stegosaurus, other
dinosaurs, crocodiles,  and small mammals.  

        The main goal of this years expedition is to continue excavation on
a fairly complete adult Camarasaurus  that we uncovered and partially
removed in the summer of 1993. Camarasaurus  is one of the well-known
sauropod dinosaurs of the Morrison formation that was typically  40 to 50
feet long and is estimated to have weighted from 18-20 tons. This specimen
was found in the summer of 1992 and consists of most of the tail vertebrae
(removed near end of 1993 season) pelvic (hip bones) back vertebrae,  front
and hind limbs (mostly removed), ribs, and possibly a complete neck (only
first 3 vertebrae attached to back exposed at season end) that may have a
skull attached. Other work will include excavation and removal of a second
layer of mostly disarticulated dinosaur bones, as well as the excavation
and removal of small vertebrate remains while removing the dinosaur

* Field Paleontology Course-Option  As part of the fee, participants who
are at college level  (ie finished high school) have the option to take the
two week field course for two college credits. Besides participation in the
actual work of the dig, those who take the course for credit will be
required to maintain a detailed field book with daily notes, photos and
records of the work undertaken. Graduate credit is also available. There is
a slightly higher fee  (about $25 more per extra credit) and the additional
requirement of a special report (assigned by instructors) for graduate
credit. We are able to offer this credit because we have joined our program
with a field course that has already been ongoing for several years in the
Missouri River Valley area of South Dakota. The course is available as
Geology 371 (Field Paleontology) and the credit is through the South Dakota
School of Mines and Technology. Participants who desire to take the option
for credit please indicate so in the registration form.  Those who do not
take the course for credit are considered to be auditing the course for

* Requirements and Costs : Individuals (children must be accompanied by
parent or legal guardian), and families (children must be 8 or older & able
to work under rugged conditions) are welcome. The fee for this expedition
is $400 per person (note: children [11 or younger] with families of one or
more paying adults qualify for special rate of $100 per child).  This fee
covers only costs for handouts, purchase of field tools and supplies for
use during expedition, an option for 2 college credits in field
paleontology (see below).  

* What is not included in the $400 fee: The cost of food, and lodging are
extra and basically are the responsibility of the participants. See below
for a discussion of special arrangements that are available for food and
housing while participating in the dig. Transportation is also not included
in this fee, but  individuals in the group may work out car pooling before
we leave Illinois.  

* Special food and lodging arrangements (for extra fee): 

Ranch A Facility,  Beluah, Wyoming: In terms of food and lodging we have
found a special rate for the group to stay at a South Dakota School of
Mines facility.   (Note: Motels cost $50 to $75 during tourist season,
campgrounds average $15--neither includes food.).  The facility called,
Ranch A, is nestled in a valley in the northern Black Hills near Sundance.
At a cost of approximately $30 per person you will get both food and
lodging in the ranch house. Bedding is available at an additional cost. 
The ranch house has 8 bedrooms with 3 bunks in each and 3 shared and two
private bathrooms. You may be sharing one of the rooms with participants
(unless your group totals the  6 persons that would fill one room. 
Statistics describing Ranch A more fully are attached to the end of this
document. A schedule of meals and last summers menu will be discussed at
the orientation meeting to be held on April 30, 1994 .  We will stay at the
site for 13 days, thus your cost to stay at Ranch A will be roughly $390
per person.  The actual fee may vary slightly, but this is what we paid in
the summer of 1993 and we have been told will likely be the fee for next
summer. Logistically entire group participation in this deal makes the most
sense and costwise we don't think you can beat this deal, but if you have a
problem/question about this please contact Russ Jacobson.

*Dates For Expedition: July 31 through August 13, 1994. The expedition will
arrive at Ranch (described above) on the afternoon of Sunday , July 31,
1994. The dig will commence on Monday, August 1, 1994 and will continue
through Friday, August 12, 1994. We will leave Ranch A on the morning of
Saturday, August 13, 1994. 


*Russ Jacobson (Illinois State Geological Survey)

*Steve Sroka (University of Illinois-Museum of Natural History)

*John Foster, and Jim Martin (South Dakota School of Mines and
Technology-Museum of Geology).

* Registration:  In order for us to make our own plans we have set up a
number of requirements for registration in terms of dates and payment of

*First, we have a limit of 20 persons maximum for the dig. Ideally we are
looking for 10-15 persons, but we can deal with up to 20 persons. 

*Registration is on a first come-first serve basis. Registration requires
the payment of a non-refundable $75 deposit. The remainder of the fee ($325
adults and children over 11 or $25 children 11 and under) is due by April
30, 1994. If you want to pay the full fee upon registration it would be
quite acceptable to us.

*The additional fees for staying at Ranch A ($390 per person) are based on
our 1993 costs. It is possible that they might be slightly higher. Last
years fees were based on a minimum of 10 persons to guarantee the $30 per
day rate. Payment of the additional $390 fee (may be slightly more) will be
due on April 30, 1994 if you are going to stay at Ranch A. If you are not
going to choose this option, then lodging and food options will be up to
you to arrange (alternate choices include camping at about $15 per day,
motels at $50 -$75 per day). If you have questions/problems about these
lodging arrangements fee feel free to call Russ Jacobson at 217-244-2426.

*Total cost. Thus the total cost for participation in this expedition is as

 $400 ($100 children 11 and under)--no Ranch A, find own lodging and food.
$790 (or $490 children 11 and under)--share in Ranch A option.

NOTE: You may pay only the $75 deposit to register, but the remainder of
the fees are due no later than April 30, 1994. 

* Orientation course: An informal orientation course is scheduled for April
30, 1994. Location and time for this course are yet to be determined.
Attendance is not required, but we would like you to indicate if you are
going to attend on the registration form below. This time is primarily for
those regional registrants (primarily in Illinois) to meet each other, 
learn a little about dinosaur digs and identification of dinosaur bone.
This will also be a time that participants may use to make car pooling
arrangements for the August 94 dig. We do not provide transportation, but
participants last year found this a useful means to cut  travel expenses.
Registration Form-Dinosaur Dig:

Name_______________________________   Age______     Phone___________________

Address_________________________________ City___________State___ Zip__________

Basic info:
__I wish to register now for the field course. Enclosed is my $75  per
person deposit per person. I understand that this deposit is not refundable
and that the remainder of the fee ($325 per person for those over 11, and
$25 per person 11 and under) is due no later than April 30, 1994. (If you
are registering for a family please fill out the information below) Write
check to Jurassic Dinosaur Dig and send to Russ Jacobson, Illinois State
Geological Survey,  Room 207 Natural Resources Building, 615 East Peabody
Drive, Champaign, Illinois).
__ I wish to register now for the field course and pay my full fee ($400
for those over 11, and $100 for those 11 and under). I understand that $75
of this fee per person is a deposit and is not refundable except in the
unlikely event of cancellation of the field program.  Write check to
Jurassic Dinosaur Dig and send to Russ Jacobson, Illinois State Geological
Survey,  Room 207 Natural Resources Building, 615 East Peabody Drive,
Champaign, Illinois).
__I will be able to attend the April 30, 1994 orientation meeting, please
send me more info as it
becomes available.
__I am unable to attend the April 30, 1993 orientation meeting.  Please
send me any appropriate  orientation handouts that I should read before I
arrive at the dig this coming summer.

Lodging and food option:
__ I want to stay at Ranch A with the group. I understand that to  stay at
Ranch A the cost for each of the registrants I list  (including myself)  
will be an additional $30 per day per person, which includes food and
lodging as described above. I understand that this is based on 1993 rates
and the amount could be slightly higher. We will be staying for 13 nights
at the ranch for approximately $390 per person.This money is due no later
than April 30, 1994 (Write check to Jurassic Dinosaur Dig and send to Russ
Jacobson, Illinois State Geological Survey,  Room 207 Natural Resources
Building, 615 East Peabody Drive, Champaign, Illinois).
__I prefer to make my own lodging and food arrangements such as camping or
motels. If you have any info on motels or campgrounds please send me such
lists (Note we have some listings which may or may not be complete so you
may want to check other sources such as travel agencies/libraries for such

Field Course options:
__I am interested in taking the field course for credit (Geology 371)
__I am interested in taking the field course for graduate credit
__I am interested in the field course but do not want to take for credit

Name                                     Age     Relationship to registrant

______________________________________   ___     __________________________

______________________________________   ___     __________________________

______________________________________   ___     __________________________

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