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Re: Dinosaur Copulation? (fwd)

> Does anyone have any detailed information on dinosaur copulation?
> I have a friend researching this for a book and she wants a detailed
> description on how dinosaurs mated.
> Please respond via email if possible.
> Eric Shapiro
> Rock Ridge Enterprises
> Shapiro@aol.com

As someone else mentioned, the late Beverley Halstead worked on this a
bit.  I thought I read about this recently in Don Lessem's "Dinosaurs
Rediscovered", but I can't find it there, so maybe it was in "The
Complete T-Rex", which I read around the same time.

Paraphrasing, what I read was:

The late Beverley Halstead did some well-regarded work in paleontology,
but his speculations about dinosaur sex were probably not up to the same
standard.  However those who saw Halstead and a female assistant
simulating dinosaur sex on a stage will not soon forget the experience.

Sounds like it was more fun than the average conference presentation.

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