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Dinosaur Copulation (again)

-> It is possible that dinosaurs had a penis of similar construction to
-> extant primitive birds like the ostrich.  In dinosaurs size might hav
-> been important in avoiding damage to the female.

Do you mean psychological damage? ("My guy's BIGGER than
your guy's".)

     The June, 1994 issue of National Geographic (vol.185, #6)
had a little article: "Tyrannosaurus Sex: How can you Tell?"

It seems that sex identification can be made the same way as
for kittens: look under the tail. Peter Larson of the Black Hills
Institute of Geological Research found that sex can be determined
by the boney spines attached to the tailbone. He claims that the
larger adult T. rex were actually females: they have a shorter
spine (chevron) located further down to allow egg passage. The
males were smaller but had a chevron higher up, near the base
of the tail.  To this chevron was attached a muscle connected
to the penis.

     Considering the inset photo he showed, it must
have been a BIG l-o-n-g muscle attached to a MEGA-BITE of an
organ.  It must have hung down to his knees, flacid.  We
also know that these creatures ran with their tails aloof (not
dragging), so we also speculate that for males, the tail acted
as a counterbalance for the erect organ. Perhaps by using tail
measurements, we can re-create the full scale of the T. rex
jewels.  Note also that the tyrannosaurids could sprint as fast
as a galloping horse (based on track measurement).

A truely frightful sight! [for MOST females]. A "made-for-the
movies" scene. Tyrannosaurus Rex must have earned his title not
just by his jaws or claws.

So the picture that emerges, is this little guy with a HUGE
organ, galloping at stallion speed after a herd of larger females.
The tail and erect Member are about parallel.  Because he is smaller,
he likely catches up to a slower heavier female for a rear entry:
analogous to a jet refueling in flight from a tanker plane.
He must be careful that she doesn't turn around - for, with one
big *SNAP!* of her serrated teeth, all is lost.

Procreation was successful (for a time) as evidenced
by some herds of dinosaurs in the Alberta Badlands estimated at
10,000 strong.  Therefor heterosexuality was likely dominant.
Furthermore, oral sex was not in vogue, considering the teeth of
the carnivors.  Likely scenario: rear-entry and missionary positions
dependent on armour plating.

We have lots of skin impressions - so we know something about the
leathery texture.  But we have no "foreskin" impressions.  We
know from mud tracks that they didn't drag their tails - likewise
they didn't drag their "third leg" either.  It is unfortunate
that males go flacid when they get "petrified".  For that reason
we have no lasting memories of the great T. rex sex organ.

Does this give enough for the book scene? Perhaps the movie should come
first: using old Jurassic Park props.

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