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How to jump off of a moving train

Dinosaur sex!!

Sorry about that, but I'm still experimenting to try to find the best
way to get people to read reminders like this.

The dinosaur mailing list is maintained by listproc, a software
package that enables you to (among other things) subscribe and
unsubscribe from the list at your convenience.  If you want to
unsubscribe, send the message:

unsubscribe dinosaur



If you want to tell your friends how to subscribe, or if you think
you'll want to unsubscribe and re-subscribe at a later date, the
proper format for a subscription request is:

subscribe dinosaur <put your name here>

(again in a message to listproc@lepomis...)  Listproc is very flexible
about the last part; as long as you put something there, your
subscription request will be accepted (e.g. you could put:
subscribe dinosaur Darth Vader nee Anakin Skywalker).  However,
listproc is not at all flexible about other fields in its command
lines.  For instance, you must spell unsubscribe and dinosaur
correctly or both you and I will get an annoying error message.

If you have any questions about the list's administration, please
direct them to me, and not to the list.  This message will never
self-destruct.  Please store it in a warm, dry place where you can be
sure you'll find it again if the need ever arises.


Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)
  aka "the management"