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Pyrite Disease


1.  The famous collection of Iguanodon in Belgium suffered
    from "pyrite disease" - the oxidation of iron pyrite
    ("fool's gold" ) occupying bones as fossilization material.
    The resultant iron sulphate caused the fossils to crumble.

    The problem is apparently solved by use of ETHANOLAMINE
    THIOGLYCOLATE.  Does anyone have experience with this and
    where is there a supplier?

    I'd like to use it for the treatment of mineral specimens
    suffering oxidation such as pyrite octahedrons.
    Does it clean the surface of pyrite without etching?

2.  My own collection of dinosaur bones (Drumheller, pre-Tyrrell) was
    sprayed with clear acrylic some years ago (circa 1969) - same
    stuff used by artists to protect their paintings. What's the
    current methodology?

3.  Does anyone know of *.GIF files of dinosaur specimens ? So far
    I've located only silly cartoon characters or artists' sketches
    or Jurassic Park props.  Any good images from the Smithsonian
    and other collections?  I'm only interested in public domain
    stuff that I can post on the BBS.


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