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-Seismosaurus_ book

I received my copy of this July 1- great reading over the long weekend!
_Seismosaurus: The Earth Shaker_. David D. Gillette, with illustrations by Mark
Hallett. Columbia University Press, New York, 205 p. ISBN 0-231-07874-9. $39.95
(excerpts from a review for a paleo newsletter)
The book is written for the non-specialist, with lucid descriptions of the
technical topics and some provoking new insights into the process of
fossilization. It is produced on high quality paper and well written. It has a
topical bibliography, and an extensive index. Photos are colorful and
illustrative. The artwork by Mark Hallett is exceptional. The cover painting of
6 individuals in a herd of _Seismosaurus_ captures the size and majesty of these
huge animals, not as overgrown sluggards, but as living, plausible, and rather
appealing creatures. A few typos detract from the overall high quality, and
there is an annoying lack of consistency in the use of italics for genus and
species names. Aside from these minor complaints, I enjoyed the book, and
recommend it as a  'good read' and as good science.