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re: definition of "reptile"

I've stayed out of discussion on "mammal-reptile" nature because I have nothign
>[D>[D>[D>[Cothing additional to add.  However, I notice that the term "reptile"
by everyone.  I suggest the term is meaningless and invalid because the
original Linnean definition and concept is irrevocably changed. I suggest we
substitute "Diapsida" for "Reptilia" and separate all the papaphyletic grointo t
proper lineages: thus, we should recognize the classes:
Diapsida (includes "Euryapids" Squamates, Crocodilia, Archosauromorphs,
Crocodilia, a few miscellanea), Synapsida/Mammalia, Chelonia or Testudina,
and DInosauria/Aves as the constituents of the former "Reptilia."  The
 Primitive amniotes of the Pennsylvanian-Permian probably deserve a separate
class but I have no great insight into these.

  Nothing I've noted above is particularly novel, except the idea of compl  drop
Erm "reptilia."  Comments?

David Schwimmer\